Ants, Common Name Garden Ants, Scientific Name Lasius niger – Black Garden Ants

Although there are a few spices of Ants in Ireland this is the most common species you will encounter.

Ants are a very common pest found throughout Ireland in both urban and rural areas. They typically tend to nest outside, often under paving slabs in gardens and venture indoors for food. They may find access through cracks and crevices in foundations of a building. As a result, an Ants nest is often located in very difficult to reach areas. Ants if nesting under a house, tend to nest close to a regular supply of heat and again a consequence is their nests are often in hard to access areas.

At PestPlus our Ant control program is designed to encourage Ants to bring an insecticidal bait back to the hard to reach nest and slow down propagation leading to eventual eradication of the nest.

Treatment can involve numerous treatments during the Ant season in various areas of the premises. Starting treatments in early spring will yield more effective results. PestPlus can provide ongoing assistance during the year should you encounter a continuing Ant problem.

Black Garden Ants are classed as a pest when they continually cause distress indoors. Outdoors they may be unsightly, but harmless. It is rare that treatments are needed to control ants outside and with constant moving and changing weather; treatments can be unsuccessful and an unnecessary justification for using pesticides that affect non-target species.

Other Ant species rarely encountered are Pharaoh’s Ants-Monomorium pharaonic and Roger’s Ants-Hypoponera punctatissima . Our field biologist can design up a treatment program for such species.


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