Protect your business premises against birds by choosing from our wide range of bird proofing and preventative perching products. PestPlus will carry out a site survey of your premises to establish what type of problem you have in order to effectively provide a bird proofing/bird controlling solution to tackle your bird requirements.

We pride our work on a Bird First approach to proofing the area in question. Proofing can only be done when the time is right ensuring you are not affecting nesting birds. To eliminate the risk of the problem re-occurring, timing is critical and can only be done when birds are away from the area. PestPlus offer legal and effective bird control methods to prevent damage and contamination caused mainly by pigeons and seagulls..

We can supply and fit a range of products to prevent birds nesting and roosting on particular types of buildings; flock off, netting, gull deterrents (spike systems and audio systems), and we also provide specialist cleaning services to remove bird droppings or guano found on pavements and buildings fronts.

Bird droppings can harbour disease and bacteria. Bird droppings can be problematic on pavements on entrances as they become a major slip hazard when wet. Bird droppings especially pigeon guano can cause air conditioning units to cease working if the units are not covered.

Adding to this, via their droppings, birds are capable of passing on a wide range of diseases and can be a source of secondary infestation by pests such as lice, mites and flies. We can supply and fit a range of products to prevent birds perching and roosting on particular types of buildings.

  • Flock off (Plastic bird spikes)
  • Netting
  • Specialist Cleaning
  • Gull Deterrents

All wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected in Ireland under the Wildlife Act 1976 and Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000. Certain species may be controlled under licence by authorised persons.

Quite often small adjustments to areas on or beside the building can be enough to move the birds on preventing bird fouling in an undesired area.

Our bird specialist team are fully licensed to carry out control methods under the terms of the names Acts above.

PestPlus carry out anti-perch and bird netting systems for commercial premises only. Residential bird problems in attics/eaves rarely cause health and safety issues. However, if you have an issue in your home and would like some advice, fill out the contact form and hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

Flock Off Anti Perching

Flock Off bird deterrents are UV-stabilised polycarbonate anti-perching devices which prevent large birds, such as feral pigeons, jackdaws, crows and most seagulls, from perching and roosting on building ledges, beams, pipes and ridge-tiles.

Flock Off bird deterrents are one-piece constructions, so no assembly is required and no corrosion or rusting occurs.

Flock Off bird deterrents are non-conductive. They will not interfere with electronic security systems, or radio signals and transmissions and, unlike metal spikes and wires, they will not attract lighting during thunderstorms.

“Flock Off” is available in the most popular “chameleon clear” form which being glass-like, makes it unobtrusive and does not detract from a building’s appearance. It comes in 33cm lengths and will require some adhesive to ensure it remains in place.

Prior to installing all ledges should be cleaned of pigeon droppings.

Specialist Cleaning

PestPlus provides a specialist cleaning service in conjunction with our range of pest control products and services. The build-up of bird droppings or guano found in popular nesting or roosting sites can lead to a series of different problems, including corrosion of building structures and fabrics, unpleasant odours and an unsightly appearance and perhaps most importantly pose a serious public health if left untreated for a long period of time.

Our pest control technicians are fully trained in safe working procedures when working around infested areas and understand the health risks associated with guano removal. Our technicians are also fully competent when working at height and are qualified to use a variety of access equipment to clean up bird droppings wherever necessary.

Once the affected area has been cleared of bird droppings, we will then offer advice as to how to prevent the re-occurrence of the problem. This can be achieved through the use of bird deterrents i.e. flock off or netting or through the adoption of a mimic bird of prey solution.

Gull Deterrents

PestPlus offers a range of gull deterrents. Our control methods are legal, humane, and effective against gulls. Gulls are most commonly a nuisance during their mating period which is May to August. There are two main systems; and netting mentioned below.

  • Spike system
  • Audio system

The spike system deters gulls from perching on the edges of buildings day or night.

  • Protects Area Up to 205mm
  • Base Width 45mm
  • Distance Between Wires 33mm
  • Height 129mm
  • Distance Between Outer Spike Tips 140mm
  • AV120

The Model BG Super Pro 0041 audio system is used to send out a distressing noise to frighten away gulls in close proximity to the area. The noise and timing settings require regular changing to ensure it remains effective against gulls. This audio system uses EPROM recording chips. The unit comes with a transformer from 220v to 110v and 4 mountable speakers. The speakers and control unit are housed in I.P. rated housing for outdoor installation.

All PestPlus technicians are fully trained to work at height and understand the complexities of dealing with birds of every species.


Bird netting is one of the most popular methods we believe used to protect urban buildings and structures from nuisance birds. Typically considered to be the most comprehensive answer to nesting or roosting birds, bird netting provides a total exclusion zone to deter birds from causing problems for commercial property owners. Bird netting is a cost-effective bird control solution as one net can be used to protect a series of perching areas.

Both effective and versatile the PestPlus bird netting product range can be used at all angles for bird proofing a wide variety of structures and provide discreet protection from nuisance birds when installed by one of our expert team.

All PestPlus technicians have been fully trained to work at height and understand the complexities of dealing with birds of every species.


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