Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more.

Are your insurances and accreditations up to date?2020-05-11T19:03:01+01:00

Yes, all the relevant insurances and accreditations are up to date. You can view/download them in our downloads section. No username or password needed.

Is your Company Name on the Vehicles?2020-05-08T18:42:16+01:00

No. All our vans and clothing to not have the name or logo. The term associated with this is referred to as unmarked vans so our literature and brochures state “we use unmarked vans”  

We have found that the majority of customers prefer us to have unmarked vans for discretion purposes.  

You will be informed of the technician’s name and a time to expect him when booking in a call.  

What does 24/7 service cover?2020-05-08T18:42:31+01:00

Whilst many service companies advertise a 24/7 emergency service, many including us are in bed at night and do not operate a 24/7 office. Yes, we will answer a call and can attend immediately depending on the emergency.  

Every one of our customers will view an emergency differently and we respect that.  

We look after a number of 24 services such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Hotels so there is a need for rapid response regardless of occasion, day or time.  

Within our domestic clients we tend to view a situation like a new rat problem and the rat running around the house as a 24 emergency.  

We really want to keep all customers happy, so we always do our best to manage your individual emergency.  

We have a system of diverts to various phones to ensure we capture all calls. If we don’t answer immediately, we could be with a client and will return your return your call or equally contact us through the inquiry form.

How much is Pest Control and is by hour?2020-05-08T18:42:49+01:00

We have a standard price list that for individual specific problems and if you are a domestic customer, we will quote you including VAT. All Pest Control work except for woodworm is at 23%. Our services are costed up mostly compiling of our technician and vehicle running costs, the products we use along with other variable administration costs. 

We do not operate a system of cost per visit as it simply does not wok in our opinion. If you needed 5-6 visits to resolve a problem, you could find going down this route extremely pricey. If shopping around and you decide to employ a company offering cost per visit, ensure you agree a maximum amount regardless of calls. Remember our system motivates us to deliver an efficient and value for money service. 

Do you remove the rodents on your first visit?2020-05-08T18:43:03+01:00

Unfortunately, no, and there is no magic wand for this either. When agreeing to a rodent treatment in your home we explain it is a 3-4 part treatment or maybe more.  We charge a set fee regardless of visits, so it is in our best interest to remedy your problem rapidly. 

We use a process of investigating and trapping and we would be dragged kicking and screaming before we blanket use poisons. Poisons result in dying rodents, followed by smells and followed by bluebottles. You are dealing enough with a rodent issue to then add these additional stressors. 

As a supporter of CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) we are making concerted efforts to play our part and respect these new policies.  

We understand that the idea of rodents in your house can be stressful and upsetting but we need to follow our process to give you satisfaction and value for money. 

My apartment/house was treated for silverfish, why did they return?2020-05-11T19:04:47+01:00

There are many reasons for Silverfish returning, 

Firstly, was there a follow up treatment after the first visit? A one -off treatment is rarely adequate to eliminate silverfish. 

Have physical recommendations been carried out in relation to any damp or humidity issues? Silverfish will thrive in certain conditions and sometimes dampness and high humidity provide a perfect environment and not always in your control. A Dehumidifier may be required. 

Is the problem in same area or has it since moved? Silverfish are known to follow their food source. A recent home office in an attic area of a house was relocated downstairs and the problem followed. They were transported in boxes of files and old paperwork.  

Where they originally going for flour or sugary or starch rich foods? If so have you considered airtight plastic contains for these products? 

If de-cluttering or housekeeping measures were suggested, where they completed? Silverfish will happily live within clutter and in damp mouldy presses.  

Are you living in an Apartment? Remember an Apartment block is one building to an insect. Silverfish will go from apartment to apartment within the fabric of the building so neighbours would need to be treating the problem in conjunction.  

Where you guaranteed the problem would be gone forever? If so that was an unrealistic expectation given to you. Although Silverfish are very susceptible to insecticides there is simply too much going on in the surrounding environment to guarantee such a treatment. If the underlying causes are out f your hands, well increasing the number of treatments will help

  • Clean/vacuum along skirting boards and wall floor junctions on a regular basis 
  • Ensure there are no leaking pipes or seepage around sink and bath taps. 
  • Consider the use of a de-humidifier  
  • Ensure starch rich and sugary foods are in airtight containers. 
  • Keep paperwork documents in adequate cabinets and definitely not on the floor. 

For more advice on Silverfish treatments please contact us.

Why do I have ongoing issues with rats inside my house?2020-05-11T19:05:27+01:00

Rats have found an open door into your house. This is not always obvious or above ground. One of the most common ways Rats enter our homes is from the drain system either under our house of very close to the perimeter. 

Other ways could they enter include through an adjoining boiler house with a gap under the door, a missing vent grid at a low level and even from a neighbour if the houses are connected. 

If the problem is on-going and you feel you have previously dealt with the issue, then an open door was missed and is still open. 

When you are faced with a Rat problem our advice is deal with it once, deal with it correctly, find the open door and close it.  

When PestPlus visit your premises for the first time we assess the situation and may make various recommendations. One such recommendation could be to inspect the drains. We bring in our expert partners to CCTV survey the drains. This is normally a very simple process and involves pushing a camera through the drain network.  

If the house is semi-detached or terraced, we would always recommend talking to neighbours to see if they have similar issues. We can advise on this course of action.   

Drain systems are normally closed systems in the original house or around the footprint. It is mainly when we adapt or change drains; specifically, if we build extensions. It does not matter how long ago an extension was built, if you have a drain related rat problem chances are the extension works will be the issue.  

Remember finding entry points is a process of elimination, deal with the issue head on and in regard to the possibilities we use the analogy, squeeze it out like a wet cloth. Do not stop until you are certain access is stopped and chances are you will never have to deal with this again.  

PestPlus are here to help and we will get to the bottom of it with you. 

Not sure if you have Rats or Mice, read our “Is it Rats or Mice?” blog.

Why does my food business need Pest Control services?2020-05-08T18:44:39+01:00

Having a professional pest control service is showing due diligence within your business. The FSAI Food Safety Authority of Ireland describes it as:

“Pest control is important because pests can carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate foods. This can cause illness or spoil food. Pests can also cause financial damage to food businesses and affect their reputation”

More information can be found on the Food Safety Authority of Ireland website.

You mention CEPA, who are they and what do they do?2020-05-08T18:45:17+01:00

Founded, in 1974, CEPA, the European Pest Management Solutions Professional Association reunites 65 national associations and international companies along the whole pest management chain in 23 European countries. CEPA primarily represents the European Pest Management service sector which is made up fundamentally of a network of European SMEs with an enormous economic growth potential.  Our mission as a service sector is to contribute to the protection and assure the well-being of EU citizens in the context of Smart, Sustainable, Healthy Cities. 

What is the purpose of CRUU?2020-05-08T18:45:42+01:00

The rodenticide industry recognises the need to ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that minimise the exposure of wildlife and other non-target animals. CRRU was established to promote responsible use of rodenticides among all user groups, including professional pest controllers, farmers and gamekeepers. CRRU promotes responsible use through a seven point Code of Practice.

More information can be found on the Think Wildlife website.

What is IASIS, Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards?2020-05-08T18:46:06+01:00

IASIS is a QQI and Lantra registered service provider. We provide accredited training in the plant protection, animal health and pest control business areas, up to QQI Level 6, for ‘distributors’ of plant protection, animal health products and Lantra Level 3 for pest control products.

More information can be found on the IASIS website.

Who are the IPCA?2020-05-08T18:46:37+01:00

The Irish Pest Control Association (IPCA) is the trade association representing businesses and organisations with a professional interest in the eradication and prevention of public health pests. Membership includes servicing businesses, both large and small, together with manufacturers and distributors of pest control products.

More details can be found on the IPCA website.

There is a lot of media talk about outside baiting, can you explain please?2020-05-08T18:46:45+01:00

The rules on permanent toxic baiting using anticoagulant rodenticides have changed based on the EU product authorisations. As a result of the rule changes, permanent toxic baiting is no longer the go-to treatment for the pest control industry.

More information can be found in this booklet.

You mention safe at various stages on your website, surely your products are not safe?2020-05-08T18:47:20+01:00

Correct, Rodenticides are Insecticides are extremely dangerous and the word safe is possibly not the best adjective or adverb to go alongside them. However, when Insecticides are mixed as per manufacturers instructions and sprayed only in the target area, we deem them safe.  

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    Aifric, Dublin North

    Amazing service, called on a Sunday and was able to arrange an appointment for the very next day. Very thorough process, price included at least 4 visits to ensure the problem had been humanely taken care of. I would 100% recommend PestPlus.

    Karen, Dublin North

    Hi Darren from PestPlus called out to sort out a problem out the back garden. He was so professional & called back a couple of times to make sure the problem was solved, I would highly recommend there service, very quick to call out & very discreet. Another happy customer ?

    Margaret, Dublin

    I was delighted with the personal service we received over the past few weeks. Danny came out to us at the drop of a hat, he even came on Easter Monday. PestPlus provide a very professional service but they also really care about the customer. Ann Marie in the office was also excellent and promptly answers and returns calls, I will certainly use this service in the future if need be. I cannot recommend them enough.

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