Fleas, Common Names Cat & Dog Flea , Scientific Name Ctenocephalides felis-Cat Flea, Ctenocephalides canis-Dog Flea

Fleas are most commonly introduced by cats, Cat Flea and secondly dogs, Dog Flea. Both types of Flea will readily bite us and can cause allergic reaction and itching from their bites.

The Human Flea – Pulex irritans is almost a thing of the past (thankfully) and is seldom encountered. In the absence of animals, it is easily to assume Human Flea but this is never the case. We can be bitten at one location and due to varying time lapse in reaction times to bites we can associate a different location with the bites.

Fleas will most commonly bite us from the knees down and above the sock-line. Flea’s jump whilst be past by and cause vibration near them. They jump on, have a blood feed and potentially jump off in another area of the house.

Due to their extremely small size a flea infestation can be initially very hard to detect. Flea numbers can multiply very fast and without professional help you may find it extremely difficult to eradicate the flea problem

The animal will have to be treated by you with approved veterinary products or directly by a Vet to ensure the flea treatment is successful.

Our treatment is guaranteed to work so contact us now for information or to schedule a treatment to get rid of the flea problem.

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Some people feel throwing out carpet, rugs and bedding is the answer. It rarely is. Do not do this before availing of our free advice.


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