Welcome to our Kids Fun page.

While you are on this page, why don’t you download our puzzle and colouring page. We would love to showcase your coloured pictures on this page. We might even put the picture on our Facebook page too. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Ask a grown-up to download and print this file. They will know what to do once they have read the instructions.
  2. Colour in the word PESTPLUS whatever way you want. Use your imagination.
  3. Make sure you add your name and age, but only if you want to. You could even make up a name.
  4. Ask the grown-up to take a photo of your coloured picture and send the image to us and we will add it to our website as quickly as possible so keep checking back on this page.

And remember, HAVE FUN! There are also some puzzles to do on the page when you need a break from colouring.
(For the puzzles, the answers are on the back of the printout, but don’t tell anyone!)

Download the PestPlus Fun Sheet