PestTrain – Our Pest Awareness Training programme is tailored specifically for the needs of all food manufacturers and retailers.


PestTrain is our Pest Awareness Training programme that is tailored specifically for the needs of all food manufacturers and retailers. We recognise that integrated pest management is no longer just the responsibility of the pest control contract manager but instead all employees. It is now a Tesco TFMS requirement.

Integrated Pest Management

PestPlus considers all pest control contracts as partnerships. New legislation and codes of practice, health and safety, environmental concerns, and increased customer demands have changed the way Pest Control Operators should carry out their business. Traditional methods are now obsolete. We conduct our business in an open and inclusive manner. Integrated Pest Management means that we look at all potential risks and actions to prevent problems before they arise. Using alternative methods and including the customer in all aspects of the pest management of the site. Communication and training for the customer is paramount to help maintain a pest free site.

Customer Standards & Customer Training

One requirement of all related standards is that employees are aware of Pest species and know how to identify and report evidence of them. We believe that Pest Awareness training for your employee’s is an integral part of our contract with our customers.

We have developed a pest awareness program PestTrain for continual professional development targeted specifically to industry employees and we will provide an initial complimentary short course and attendance certificate to all relevant employee’s upon commencement of a contract. We are available to re-fresh or add further training as required.

PestTrain consists of several modules of training from “Pest Awareness for operators” through “Pest Awareness for Managers” to “Site or Industry Specific Pest Management”. All courses will refer to industry codes of practice, CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use), industry and customer standards.

Duration: Each course is be-spoke to match individual areas of e.g. Bakery, Retail, Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Hotels & Leisure and Construction. The minimum number of delegates required is 3 and the maximum is 15 for anyone course. Training can be carried out at your own premises.

Certificate: At the end of the course we can either issue a certificate of attendance to show the course has been completed or if preferred a certificate based on completion of a test.

Call (01) 533 4230 for further information or to book a course.